The way the rivers flow


This is a 10-inch landscape that initially began with just the patterns of the rivers and grew from there! I was inspired by a recent commission that had rivers splitting and converging across it and I wanted to explore my own landscape with this focal point. I added worn paths through the rough grassland, connected by wooden bridges over the rivers and connecting all segments, complete with a move to moorland in the top of the landscape. I then felt some of the fields needed something ‘extra’ to balance the moorland textures above the river line and took inspiration from another recent work of mine to add rows of textured crops in the bare fields. Finally, sheep were added (and of course, a naughty few have escaped their field!!).

As a side note, the green grass between and above the rivers is a bit deeper than it looks in the photos (the light reflecting on the stitches has lightened it somewhat).

Available to buy in instalments – please contact using the from at the bottom of the page if you want to do this.