Victoria Rose Richards

I am Victoria Rose Richards; I’m 23 and a biology graduate and embroidery artist from South West Devon, UK. After going through a lot of low patches in recent years, I figured a big contributor to them was boredom and decided to get a new hobby; I saw some embroidery landscapes online, got out my grandmother’s old tin and pulled out some greens and blues to have my first try… and then I never stopped!

In living in the countryside in a place of natural beauty, I am surrounded by inspiration for my pieces in the endless fields and meadows, lush forests, winding rivers and reaching moorland. Now, three years after starting, I’ve specialised in aerial views as I adore the mix of textures and patches visible from them. I also now embroider as my full-time job and I’ve never been happier!

I’ve always had a thing for aerial landscapes and use a combination of stitches on felt sheets to recreate them based on the Devon countryside. While each piece may have a theme, such as spring, autumntime or lakes, the main focus of most of my pieces are the fields – I love the shapes they naturally form and are made to form by agriculture, seemingly perfectly fitted together yet forced.

How many people have fond memories of visiting the countryside as a child? In these idealized scenes I try to express a nostalgia that is both comforting and bittersweet, bringing back rose-tinted memories of simpler days past.

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