Somewhere secret (but still so alive)


This is a 14-inch landscape depicting a river and forest bustling with life! I was originally sewing an 18-inch landscape, the progress of which I was sharing on my social media, but I lost inspiration for it at a point and set it aside. Months later, I pulled it back out and despite not having inspiration for it in its old form, I had an idea for reusing the large tree areas that were the focal points! I carefully cut these sections off and began fresh.

While they were laid out, the lumpy look to the trees gave me the idea of creating a much more 3D, mountainous landscape paired with a flat area for strong contrast. I began packing under the sections of the large forest area with cut-offs from the 18-inch landscape, sewing overgrown paths and building height as I went. I fell in love with the result! I created similar areas on the right side of the hoop and filled in the the remaining with rivers.

Finally, I wanted to bring it to life. You were probably wondering what the silver lines across the water were? I was watching a documentary on remote forest communities a while back and remembered the basic ziplines they would have over particular areas of water and forest to travel quicker. As I had hills both sides, I paired two lots of ziplines and a more complex two-way one higher up. Lastly, I added water birds, kayakers, boaters and manatee groups to the water, all with somewhere to go! This landscape was a delight to bring to life and has given me lots of fresh ideas for future work and projects. I hope you love it too.

This piece is available to pay for in instalments – please messages using the form at the bottom of the page (and state the art’s name) to inquire. The price is reflective of the extra time and skill this piece took. The shipping is included and will be fully covered both within the UK and internationally.

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