Collaboration series #3 – A new perspective (from far above)


The third piece, this one I changed the colours of more – the colours of the original are less bright and vivid but the point of these is I do them in my own style, which always have bright and vivid colours! The tilted perspective of this one was new for me and its tempted me to try more like it. It’s of the Interstate 5 exit in in Conway, Washington!

The collaborator: Pete Kane, @gdqmallard on Instagram.

ABOUT THE SERIES: Back in January 2021 I asked people to submit their aerial landscape images or associated art for me to recreate in thread. Six were finalised and I’ve spent the time since picking at them all to be released as a limited series once complete. Five of the submissions were aerial photographs and the sixth a painting. The last image is the original photo by the collaborator.

8-inches in size.